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Wedding DJs in Mankato, MN

From small 100-seat venues to huge dance halls, we have provided an awesome wedding dance for many couples. We'll do what it takes to make your wedding day special, and we don't steal the spotlight from you; after all, the day is all about YOU, and not the DJ.

Most importantly, we want you and your guests to have an awesome time, with fun music and a great party atmosphere. Requests are always welcome!

We pride ourselves at containing most of the loud music to the dance floor, which keeps the volume at a respectable level for other guests so they can enjoy themselves even if they're not on the dance floor.

Our prices are all-inclusive. Dinner music is available, and a wireless microphone is always ready to go for those special toasts. Guest requests are always welcomed (although not guaranteed to play -- you should hear some of the requests we get!).

That being said, events have many variables -- day of the week, season, distance, etc. Because of this, like many wedding DJs, we can't provide one-size-fits-all pricing. Call or submit a zero-obligation quote request today! And check out our Gallery!

Mankato Wedding DJs
Mankato Wedding DJs
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Southern Minnesota Wedding DJs

Wedding Slideshows

Wedding Slideshows & Projectors
Wedding Slideshows & Projectors

Don't want some super-cheesy PowerPoint slideshow? Great -- neither do we! We've done lots of great wedding slideshows. Awesome ones, actually. Need a sample? Just ask!

In addition to the standard projected slideshow, we can do what we call a continuous slideshow (pictured). This slideshow keeps looping throughout your reception, and your guests can watch as much or little as they like.

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Thank you for making the Superhero Dash event an enjoyable experience for all! We appreciate your continued support of the ALS association and the entire ALS community! -Ashley, Minneapolis ALS Association

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